To create a full-fledged online store with a good assortment, a well-established scheme of work and prompt delivery, a large start-up capital is needed. The beginning entrepreneur will need to purchase enough goods, rent a warehouse and office, hire managers. How to start an online store if your budget is limited? Santali offers a good solution - work on dropshipping .

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping is a way of entrepreneurial activity, in which the producer's products are sold by the intermediary. The store-seller does not store the goods that it purchases, at its warehouse, does not pack it and does not deliver it. The manufacturer sends the order directly to the end customer.

Than dropshipping differs from wholesale

The similarity of wholesale and dropshipping is that things are bought at wholesale prices. However, dropshippers can order from 1 unit of goods. While the wholesale buyer buys the necessary quantity of products and independently sells it, dropshipping from the manufacturer works in a different way.

  • You place the goods on your Internet resource, indicating the markup at your discretion.
  • The buyer orders and pays the order from you.
  • You make out an order on our website, we reserve it.
  • You pay for the purchase.
  • We organize the shipment of the goods and their delivery to your customer.
  • The buyer receives the order, and you - his commission.

Why is it advantageous to be a dropshipper

  • The minimum capital investment at the start. You only need a site or other resource on the Internet, to which you will exhibit goods.
  • Absence of financial risks. You do not buy clothes in advance, but make an order only when you already have a buyer.
  • The ability to provide customers with a large selection. You are not limited by either the area of ​​the store or the absence of a warehouse.
  • There are no delivery obligations. Direct delivery of clothing for women is organized by Santali . Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by transport services: "New Mail", "Ukrposhta", "Intime" and "Autolux."

How to buy clothes on the dropshipping system in Santali

To start taking up the dropshipping of Santali's women's clothing, you need to register on the site. To do this, :

  • Click on the personal cabinet icon at the top of the page on the right, select "Register."
  • The authorization page opens before you. Enter the address of your email into the blank line and click on "Create an account."
  • In the "Buyer Type" row, select "Dropshipper". In the pop-up window you will see information that this type of cooperation involves the purchase of 1 unit of goods at a wholesale price. In the additional information you will need to specify where you will sell our clothes (the trading floor or your site).
  • Enter your name and surname, date of birth, e-mail address. After that, come up with a password. It must be at least five characters long.
  • Click the Register button. After that, you will be taken to the page of your account. The email will receive a confirmation email with important security tips.

After registering as a dropshipper, you will see wholesale prices on the site. You can make the first purchase only after the company manager has reviewed the application and will receive confirmation from you that you are a dropshipper.

On the account page, you can:

  • Specify the name, country, province, city and address of residence, mobile (necessarily at least one), additional information.
  • Track the status of your orders.
  • View payment receipts
  • Edit your personal information. In this tab, you can also change the password.
  • Check available discount coupons.
  • View the products you have posted to your favorites.

Through your personal cabinet you will make orders, monitor their implementation and communicate with the manager.

We guarantee the quality of clothing, ensure timely delivery and, if necessary, make a return.

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