About us

The Santali brand is an unrestricted fashion. We ourselves produce clothes and monitor the delivery of goods. Therefore, ordering from us is always convenient, easy and inexpensive. is a branded online store for everyone. Designers Santali keep abreast of fashion trends so that you always look stylish and fashionable. The full production cycle from design to tailoring of the finished product allows us to control the quality of each product so that it remains at a high level and delights customers. is going beyond the rules. There is a long-established stereotype: the purchase of women's clothing in bulk means the purchase of stamped, low-quality things "off the assembly line."

For several years now we have been delighting with exquisite models of even the most sophisticated fashionistas. Our wholesale range includes exquisite and elegant evening and cocktail dresses, business suits and gowns for special occasions - all of the highest quality and meets all the latest fashion trends. - on the Ukrainian market of January 2016. The brand Santali relatively recently appeared on the market, but already managed to win the love of many customers and this is the best compliment to our work! is fast, affordable and reliable. Delivery of goods is carried out worldwide as soon as possible. On our site you can choose for yourself the most convenient delivery method from the options offered.

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