Unloading of goods

To be confident in the profits of your clothing store, it's worth taking care of a solid supply of assortment on the trading floor. To do this, it's important to know how to download products from the online store.

What is this

You probably already know that manually copying a directory takes a lot of time and even requires the allocation of a separate specialist for this. Santali is ready to facilitate the work of your company and allows you to download products automatically within a few minutes.

What is the unloading of goods? This is the import of the document with product names, summary characteristics and prices, as well as photos of all models. Upload can be obtained in a convenient format - Excel and Yml.

Why do I need

Having received the document with the whole range of products, you can quickly place them on your website, on social networks or on any other online trading platform. In addition, with the help of unloading, it will be easier for you to perform calculations of the retail allowance for clothing.

Who needs it

In addition to dropshippers who do not work directly with clothing, free unloading of goods from the Santali online store will be beneficial to wholesale buyers. You can quickly get the necessary photos and information about all our products for further implementation on your own Internet sites.

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